Press Release 26-05-2022

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Date: 26/05/2022

Reference Number: 024-OUT/PR/2022


With this press release we wish to condemn the misinformation and lies spread by the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia and the Holy Metropolis of Corinth regarding our Archbishop Nektarios. We further deny publicly any allegations that has been made against our Archbishop Nektartios (Nikolaos) Alexandratos from both these entities with the present PARTIAL evidence. One – the decision from the Greek Courts (in Greek only) which refers to a name that has nothing to do with our Archbishop. Two – the Certificate of Naturalisation of our Archbishop’s Late Father that contains the name of our Archbishop and his sister. Further evidence we withhold is the Baptismal Certificate of our Archbishop dated 1962 in New Zealand(!) and his immigration record from Vietnam and India, stating the dates that the dates he is accused of being in Corinth by Metropolitan Dionysios, to be actually in Vietnam and India! Therefore, and for the last time, we challenge and request from those two entities to supply us with any PROPER and LEGAL form of proof, relating our Archbishop to that other name they allegedly accusing being one and the same person. We stress the words “PROPER” and “LEGAL” proof. Because any other proof is deemed void in the Courts of Law which we, will proceed as promised against them for defamation, past the deadline. The same applies to any entities, newspapers or blogs that they housed this misinformation.  We urge them to come forward and apologise. Past the end of May, we will proceed with legal action against all of them.

Screenshot apofash


The decision of the Greek Courts NOT referring to our Archbishop


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The Certificate of Naturalisation referring to the REAL name of our Archbishop and NO other name



Archimandrite Joseph (James) Murray

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