Press Release 15-05-2022

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Date: 14/05/2022

Reference Number: 023-OUT/PR/2022


The Holy Archdiocese of Australia and New Zealand wishes to make the following announcements:

  1. Against all odds Fr Nektarios was ordained as a Bishop on Saturday 14th May 2022 from two retired Canonical Bishops, who are personal friends of Fr Nectarios and they belong to the Ecumenical Patriarchate in Boston USA. AXIOS!
  2. After careful consideration and discussion with our various Committees as well taking consideration, the various announcements made by the Ecumenical Patriarchate and its version of jurisdiction, the Holy Synod has decided to withdraw from the Patriarchate of Kyiv and no longer represent them as the Vicariate of Patriarchate of Kyiv. The Holy Synod considered that as we have been representing as an organisation the English speaking Orthodox for many years as well as that, according to the Ecumenical Patriarchate, the jurisdiction is disputed. Therefore, we no longer have an interest in being involved in these disputes and maintain our independency.
  3. For many weeks now there are articles in the media and announcements made by the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia, the Ecumenical Patriarchate and the Metropolis of Corinth in Greece implicating the name of our Archbishop Nektarios with a known fraudster here in Australia. Our solicitors in our Archdiocese both here in Australia and Greece had to evaluate the possibilities of civil action against those entities; and they have unanimously decided that Fr Nektarios’ birth certificate in enough to merit a class A civil action against those entities both here in Australia for the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese and the Ecumenical Patriarchate as well as the Metropolis of Corinth in Greece. What these organisations did not realise is that even IF their accusations regarding the multiple names were true, still there is merit for defemation as the identity of these names COULD have been non disclosable due to identity theft, which means, they disclosed important private information that was there to safeguard a victim! However, on the request of Archbishop Nektarios, respecting the validity of all these entities is offering a final opportunity to all of them to recall and withdraw their statements implicating the name Nektarios Alexandratos and apologise publicly. This offer will expire at the end of May. Past this date, we will be initiating legal action with devastating financial consequences to all of them, for defamation.
  4. For the continuous slander received by the Archbishop of Australia and New Zealand Mr. Nektarios from the Archbishop of Australia Mr. Makarios for His activities but also his name; Archbishop Nektarios wishes to respond WITHOUT PREJUDICE:
    1. Your Excellency, Mr. Makarios, you call me "non canonical" and "self-proclaimed" when you and your "lot" are SELF-DEFROCKED by the Sacred Rules of the Pedalion, due to the exploitation of the faithful, non-celibacy, hypocrisy and division of believers. The fact that some self-blinded sheep follow you because the Greek state supposedly considers you "canonical" does not mean that you are according to the sacred rules.
    2. You mentioned in your announcements that some Ukrainian Communities has joined you. We categorically consider this misinformation and a lie, and you did so, just to spite us. A community came to you indeed, Saint Savas. But that Community is not Ukrainian, but Greek. Did you also see the response of the Primate of the Ukrainian Church, Mr. Epiphanios, to what you said? He told you, "Look at your affairs and leave our communities alone." And he told you so VERY appropriately because what is the purpose of your involvement with the VERY CANONICAL and with the Patriarchal Volume Church of Ukraine? You just found some snobs claiming to be Ukrainians (without even being approved by the Australian Government as an association) and said that they followed you. And that is because you wanted to spite us for the MISTAKE (we admit it) to try joining a non-canonical schismatic Church due to bad advice. And the self-blinded sheep cheered!
    3. Look upon your own misgivings and problems in your own Church and let us get on with our work. Look upon your misgivings with the so many dead from your nursing homes that are still seeking justice. Look upon your misgivings with your own priests whose abominations reach into indivisible problems. Look upon your financial irregularities. Look to the fact that you are trying with devious means to bring the divided communities closer to you, instead of uniting them with peace and love. Do not think that people do not know that you are trying to outlaw the Committee of Aghia Paraskevi in St Albans with devious means and without appearing that it is you who is driving this miscarriage of justice! Do not think that people do not know that every priestly "character" who is collected (or taken) from the communities it is done purely to weaken them and to come begging you, again without appearing that it is you who is driving all this! Do not think that people do not know that every time you talk about canonicity you refer only to the Sacraments because this is the only that concerns you - your cashiers! - "from the bottom of your heart your mouth talks"! Do not think that people do not know that when good people start and gather in the community Churches, you motivate them to leave with threats and curses! All the above Mr Makarios, according to the Holy Rules, justify SELF-DEFROCKING! In closing, you forgot that in 1872 the Ecumenical Patriarchate decided that ethno-racism is a HERESY and you yourself are the FIRST and MOST PROFOUND ethno-racist since you discriminate your own compatriots! Who is the heretic Mrs. Makarios? You or me?
  1. With respect to Metropolitan of Corinth Dionysios comments regarding the Holy Remnants of Saint Nektarios and Saint Raphael we respond respectfully: There are many individuals that own Holy Remnants from the above Saints and not just their perspective monasteries. These Holy Remnants have authenticity certificates, and these owners/individuals know well of our Archbishop, and they offer them to Him for pilgrimage in Australia. There is a current and valid application from our Archdiocese to the Department of Health in order to import these Remnants as it can only be done with a valid license.


Archmandrite Joseph (James) Murray

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