Press Release 31-03-2022

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Reference Number: 021-PR-BIL-2022


With utter disgust, we saw the Orthodox Times (A newspaper of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese) article, entitled “Ukrainian parishes have joined the Archdiocese of Australia” dated 30 March 2022. This is a total and orchestrated misinformation of the people, as there are no registered Ukrainian Churches in Newcastle. In addition, the St Savas Church has been for years the personal venture of a “Priest” who will “suey according to where the wind blows”. Furthermore, we categorically protest the reference that Patriarch Philaret is “non-canonical”.
The proclamation of the 2018 Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew is VERY clear and profound: The Ukrainian Church and Hierarch Philaretos of which we represent in Australia ARE canonical by decree of the Ecumenical Patriarch and the Synod. This latest unprovoked attack of the Greek Archdiocese of Australia to Patriarch Philaret when the country of Patriarch Philaretos, as well as Himself, is going through some unspeakable times, purely depicts the level of "Christianity" these people have as well as their Pharisaic (and not Apostolic) succession they have.
Our response to this is the same His Holiness Patriarch Philaret has given in the past to other Churches who attempted to attack His "jurisdiction" and is: “Archbishop Makarios do not involve yourself in the affairs of others. Look at the grave problems you have WITHIN your own Archdiocese and WITHIN YOUR people and let others to be involved with their own affairs. The fact that you represent “a” minority or majority of Greeks, DOES NOT mean that you represent ALL Greeks or other mixed Communities. Therefore, look at YOUR own and we will look at OUR OWN”! Nevertheless, this latest dictatorial communique depicts for one more time how desperate the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese is to try to convince its laity that they are “on top of things” and furthermore to convince the Ecumenical Patriarch of this. When in reality it only proves that Archbishop Makarios is not attempting to unite but to divide and misinform. Uniting Churches and people come through dialogue, consideration, communication, consultation, and care. Instead, this kind of announcement and single-sided decisions, divide and of course gives the opportunity “to conquer”!
On a personal note, from the VERY CANONICAL Archimandrite Nektarios to them: “Archbishop Makarios, we have sent you a letter proposing dialogue and you have never responded. In addition, you proclaim that the sacraments from us and the Patriarchate of Kyiv are non-canonical, yet the Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs states profoundly “The Church of Ukraine is welcomed by Greece and ALL Clergy is welcomed”! So, are we to believe you Archbishop Makarios or the Greek Foreign Minister?”


+ Fr Moses Murray

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