Press Release 10-01-2022

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Reference Number: 016-PR-ΕN-2022 10-01-22


It was with great disappointment that we once again saw the Press Release of the Greek Archdiocese of Australia which confirms what has been said in the past and once again by his Reverence Archimandrite Nektarios, Chancellor of the Archdiocese of Australia and New Zealand to Archbishop Makarios: “We the Clergy, separate and weaken the flock. The Lord Jesus Christ never did such a thing, but we, the supposed Priesthood, do it ".

The following press release has nothing to do with the Community of St. Albans, nor do we do it on their behalf.

This press release concerns the attempt, once again, of the Makarios’ Archdiocese, to throw ashes in the eyes of the one-eyed so that he, can better "divide and conquer".

We, therefore, inform the pious congregation that the Makarios’ Archdiocese speaks of “canonicity” when they themselves have taken and are taking priests whom they consider "non-canonical" from various Communities. And the reason, of course, is because the Makarios’ Archdiocese simply wants to weaken the Greek Communities so that they do not have Priests. Therefore, their claim about non-canonical Priests is hypocritical and unfunded. We have said in the past that if they consider our Priests to be non-canonical, even though Australian legislation considers them to be canonical since they come from recognised religious organisations, then, Catholic and Anglican Clergy are also non-canonical. We are further amazed by the disgraceful attitude of the Makarios’ Archdiocese of Makarios, which, even after 40 years, is still talking about something so unfunded and delinquent. When the Greek Legislation is recognizing all sacraments from all registered religious organisations, even of the Muslims from Greece and abroad, they, with their backward obscurity still refer to the "canonicity of priests". Canonicity nowadays is determined by the ACTS of each Priest or Bishop and with the division that you are creating in the community, it certainly does not depict you as canonical. We also wish to quote the following passage from our Holy Gospel, on canonicity and in response to our judges: 1 Corinthians 9:1-4 «Am I not free? Am I not an apostle? Have I not seen Jesus our Lord? Are not you my workmanship in the Lord? If to others I am not an apostle, at least I am to you, for you are the seal of my apostleship in the Lord. This is my defense to those who would examine me». Closing the topic on "canonicity", we wish you Your Excellency "all the best" for the "new canonical fruit" that you recently "bought". We have at our disposal recorded conversations and photos that are at your disposal whenever you want, to see and hear how "canonical" this "fruit" you have just acquired, is. Nevertheless, we are absolutely sure that it will not be needed since you will see "its flowers" soon by yourself.

Regarding the events that took place in St. Albans in the presence of his Reverence Archimandrite Nektarios and the clarification of the story, we have the following to say. All of the following are based on audio, and film material that we have but can also be attested by the Committee of St. Albans: Archimandrite Nektarios, which was serving the Community of Newcastle for some time. About a month ago, Mr. Koikas called him and told him that "he wants to leave the community of St. Albans and because he knows how good priest Archimandrite Nektarios is, he wants to bring it to the attention of the board of St Albans, so that he can take over as Priest when he leaves for the Archdiocese ". Mr. Koikas brought the Archimandrite Nektarios to a meeting in front of the Board of St Albans and introduced him as a Priest who will help them. On that day, Mr. Koikas praised Archimandrite Nektarios for how good a man he is and how much he will be good to them. Archimandrite Nektarios attended the last service of Mr. Koikas because HE REQUESTED from him. After Mr. Koika's speech that day, he invited the President to speak and in turn, the President of St. Albans invited Archimandrite Nektarios to speak in his turn, to thank Mr. Koika for the position he proposed. Mr. Koikas, however, made the diversion to close the door of the Altar and withdraw all his peers with him inside the Altar and began to speak obscenely through the Altar while the Archimandrite Nektarios was speaking. After Archimandrite Nektarios finished his speech, thanked the President of the Community and left. He did NOT exchange ANY conversation with Mr. Koikas NOR respond at all to his insults. And Mr. Koikas continued to insult him, the ONE who introduced him to St. Albans and the ONE who nominated him as a Priest in St. Albans. So "rejoice" him, Your Excellency!


+ Hieromonk Joseph Murrey

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